Delivery of the solution without proper training of designated staff may be the cause for many problems after the implementation phase. For correct utilisation of the system, knowledge transfer is necessary. That’s why we pay so much attention to deliver not only the solution but also adequate training. It all begins during the implementation process, when we work alongside with designated personnel, and continues later to organise knowledge and transfer all required information to new users. Our training is usually a part of implementation offer, but we are also ready to deliver complementary sessions for existing or new clients.

What is also essential is a fact that both core curriculum preparation and delivery of the training is performed by designated training engineers. The scope, form and time range of the courses are always considered from the perspective of clients requirements and expectations.

As a competence centre for offered solutions, we maintain our environments for testing and presentations. Each training may be delivered onsite or remotely, using presentational tools, i.e. WebEx. We are very flexible in this area, and we make the best effort to fit the preferences of our clients and partners.

Depending on the complexity of the solution itself and different level of knowledge necessary to utilise the systems, we provide:

  • training for users, during which knowledge transfer is performed in the form of presentation of the system, with an explanation of essential functions in a virtual test environment,
  • training for administrators, during which knowledge transfer is performed in a form of short presentation and a thorough analysis of features and configurations in a virtual test environment,
  • training for both, users and administrators, in the form of hands-on workshops, during which each of the attendees gets access to test environment and can perform assigned tasks on their own (of course, supervised by our training engineer).