Given how important is maintaining the IT systems and ensuring its continuity (especially as critical as security solutions), we offer to our clients additional support services. The utilisation of these services brings many benefits to the clients. In support delivery, our implementation engineers are involved, so we know the context of the infrastructure while providing help. What’s also essential – as the distributor of the solution, it is much easier for us to escalate incidents and problems directly to the vendor. This path, despite the fact of adding an extra step, is more efficient, as we have open communication channels with the vendor’s support, that allows us to affect resolution time.

Delivery of support service is based on Service Level Agreement, that defines responsibilities of the parties, especially reaction times for technical team and also times for undertaking repair. Standard support offered by EMS Partner includes incident management, and maintenance processes (i.e. updates). We are also ready to support „how-to” tickets, regarding configuration and functionalities of offered systems. Typically we provide support on working days, between 8.00 AM and 5.00 PM CET. We prepared 3 channels of communication for our clients – a support portal, a phone number, and an e-mail address. For special requirements, it is possible to provide support onsite, also in 24x7x365 mode.