As a Value Added Distributor (VAD), we support our partners in the whole sales process. Our role begins at the presales stage, in which we provide resellers with our technical knowledge and experience. Our sales engineers coordinate and supervise all presales activities, including a technical presentation for new and current clients, hands-on workshops that allow prospects to get familiar with the user interface, and Proof of Concept in which we cover specific use cases defined by the clients as success conditions.


Every successful project begins with a thorough technical presentation. After high-level meetings led by sales professionals, during which a general idea and basic concept of the solutions are discussed (which is, of course, essential for lead generating), a necessity for more „in-depth” presentation appears. Usually, it is a separate meeting, with IT/security staff present. Our engineers, using our test lab, can show to meeting participants not only interface of the solution, but also some pre-defined use cases we can recreate in these laboratory conditions. Most of them cover general requirements for offered solutions, including access control, automatic passwords and SSH keys rotation, session monitoring (for PAM area) and privilege elevation, privilege removal, application control (for Least Privilege area). Our presentations, build on our experience, give general insight in products interface, most common use cases and – what is most important in our opinion – answer client’s technical questions regarding the offered system.


The next stage for every project is a technical workshop. We know how important it is to for users (who will be using the software in the end), to put their hands on the solution. Using our lab, we can provide an all day long workshop, in which designated personnel have the possibility to learn how our solutions are working. Our training experts prepared an educational path for workshop participants, that covers administrative activities, including defining policies, asset management, user management, configuration, integration, reporting etc. We are very proud of our workshops as they provide knowledge to the prospects, without engaging any additional resources, except of course for the time necessary to take part in this event.


Proof of Concept stage is the most advanced presales activity. It requires the prospect to be involved in the process of planning the PoC. Test environment needs to be prepared, and success conditions have to be defined. We, of course, assist in these stages, helping our partners and their clients prepare everything necessary to get the most out of offered solutions during the Proof of Concept. 
Naturally, every PoC process is different, and different are success conditions. In general, we try not to suggest what use cases should be covered, as it is up to the client what his actual need is, but based on our experience (only if it is required), we share some ideas, best practices and other things that are worth checking.