Implementations are the core added value to our offer. Our focus on narrow product portfolio and specialisation in the area, allows us to deliver implementation services on the highest possible level. Each of the products in our offer is supported and implemented by dedicated engineers, who are certified not only by a solution vendor, but they also hold certificates that guarantee utilising best practice in service management and delivery (i.e. ITIL).

Based on our experience in delivering offered solutions, we developed a successful path of cooperating with our partners and clients. Considering how important is that aspect, we inform all stakeholders about performed activities and the necessity of involving designated staff for each stage. The purpose of this approach is a quick and effective implementation of the solution and delivering an education value at this point already. Implementation, maintenance, updating or migration are often time-consuming and complex processes. Hence the requirement for close cooperation between client’s employees and our consultants and engineers. Setting milestones, we can define not only the beginning and the end of each stage but also a range of activities and actual products of the implementation. This way of performing the delivery,  greatly affects the communication between the stakeholders and us, guaranteeing transparency and cooperation of both sides. Naturally, before the actual implementation stage, we have to perform a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and requirements. Based on that, we can prepare implementation guidelines, that help fulfilling project assumptions. The knowledge and experience of implementation engineer are essential at this stage, as they are necessary to correctly assume the required time frame and identify hot spots in the project.

Our standard stages of implementation process include:

  • pre-implementation analysis (based on information about infrastructure, correlated with requirements),
  • presentation of the solutions architecture and features to all stakeholders,
  • implementation stage (installation, configuration, etc.)
  • acceptance tests, 
  • training.

Starting the implementation, it’s worth considering not only it’s successful ending, but also the time that will be consumed on this process. Naturally, time consumption directly affects the cost of the implementation; that’s why we are focused on developing standard implementation paths. This way we can deliver the solutions in shorter times, without compromising the quality. On average, our project is delivered in 35 days, from the moment of environment analysis to documentation elaboration and training. Most of our activities are performed remotely, but if necessary, we are ready to arrive on-site in the place of installation.